Journal of Christian Ministry | Remembering Dr. John W. Reed

Remembering Dr. John W. Reed

Remembering Dr. John W. Reed

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Dr. John Reed entered the presence of his loving Savior on September 25, 2020. (

John served for 38 years at Dallas Theological Seminary as chair of the Pastoral Ministry Department. He also directed the Doctor of Ministry program for eight years where he participated as an ADME member, board member, and president during his tenure.

Several current and former ADME members share their memories of John:

“I adored John. His kind gentle spirit was there to encourage, mentor, and guide. When he came up to an ADME meeting in Ambridge, we were driving through the aftermath of a hurricane, and I remember the terror in his eyes as we drove my Jeep through some water cascading off the cliffs. He had lived through some painful moments and reality. I also remember his assistance to me at a hard time for me. I was recovering from a temporary colostomy in 2005-2006. I was very depressed after surgery and wallowed in some self-pity. He quoted first 1 Peter at me, and then reminded “Christ died for you, and by His stripes, we are healed”. It was like cold water on my face that woke me up, and my depression lifted almost immediately. I will always be grateful for his direct and strong words. The Lord has called a true saint home.”

~ Dr. Laurie Thompson, Trinity School for Ministry, Dean and President, Associate Professor of Liturgy


“I met John Reed when I first joined ADME in 2003.  He welcomed me as a new DMin Director, offered his advice and expertise as a veteran DMin Director, and modeled for all of us in ADME the extraordinary value of DMin education.  His gracious hospitality, winsome personality, and incredible wisdom modeled exemplified an example of authentic leadership.  As ADME grew to a viable and constituent organization of DMin education, John’s leadership from the front produced perhaps his most significant accomplishment beyond his family and his ministry.  Thank you, John, for serving well, leading well, and finishing well.”

~ Dr. Reggie Ogea, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Associate Dean of the Professional Doctoral Programs


“Dr. John Reed was the first to welcome me to the community of DMin directors, even before my tenure had really begun.  Sitting in his office as newly appointed director beginning my duties in a few weeks, John both reinforced and encouraged my ideas about DMin education while gently suggesting a few things I hadn’t given adequate thought.  His encouragement and collegiality continued through ADME. His contribution to DMin education, to excellence in ministry, and to the Kingdom continue to cast a long and wide shadow.”

~ Dr. Barney Wells, Lincoln Christian Seminary, Graduate and Seminary Academic Dean, Associate Professor of Bible and Ministry


There is no way I can adequately express my deep admiration and appreciation for Dr. John Reed. I knew him first as Dallas Seminary Professor and Chairman of the Pastoral Ministries Department when I was a student. He not only taught us, he discipled us. He remained a dear friend for the years we served on the mission field and was an intimate colleague for the years we served together on the DTS faculty.  When I was about to retire as President of the mission known then as CAM International, John graciously drew me back to DTS to help launch a Spanish DMin.  John was like a father to me. I shall forever be indebted to him. I thank God for the innumerable ways he impacted my life.  I miss him deeply and await the grand reunion in the Lord’s presence.”

~ Dr. Ron Blue, Dallas Theological Seminary, Retired, Spanish DMin Coordinator